4 Ways that Smart Security Can Make your Life Easier

Blog originally from homesecuritymonth.com

Smart security has the ability to make us safer. But it can also help make life run that bit more smoothly. Here’s how.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge surge in smart tech impacting every area of our lives. Whether it’s getting your morning news from a digital voice assistant or having your steps tracked by a smartwatch—the digital age is changing how we live our lives. Security, too, has seen huge changes, with voice-activated alarms, smart door locks, and wireless Wi-Fi cameras becoming more popular than ever.

Fortunately, despite being daunting to the newcomer, this new technology actually makes life much easier. Here are 4 ways that smart security can help you be more efficient every day:

Yale Conexis L1 smart door lock on a front door

Forget about forgetting your keys

We’ve all been there: you get to the front door after popping to the shop and, after rummaging around for your keys, you realise that you didn’t pick them up. Well, with a smart lock, such as the Yale Conexis® L1, you can open your door with the virtual key on your phone.

Goodbye, wires

Smart security generally uses wireless technology, whether that’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. That means no more drilling through walls or routing cables behind skirting boards. Instead, you can set up your smart device simply, quickly and neatly.

It’s good to talk

Thanks to the wonders of smart tech, your wireless products can communicate with each other in order to work together. So, that means you can do things like switch on your security alarm, simply by asking your virtual assistant.

woman in office on smartphone with laptop

An extra helping hand

Because smart security systems work algorithmically, they will start to learn your habits and preferences over time. This might sound scary, but it’s actually really helpful. So, imagine that you always lock up the house at a certain time—if, on one occasion you forget to set the alarm, your smart ecosystem will raise the issue to you.

What smart security tech do you use at home to make your life easier? Let us know in the comments.