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The Evolution of Suction Devices

112KG Sure Grip Handheld Suction Cup with Case, A3002

You would have used them in your kitchen, shower, refrigerator, or walls to save space and to provide instant storage solutions. Yes, it’s the vacuum suction cups that we’re talking about, the handy products that suck. Erm, that didn’t come

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18 Building Design Fails

You've Pulled

To pursue a career in any trade, takes a lot of time, dedication, and commitment. The correct qualifications are required to be obtained, and experience is essential. Yet, despite this baptism of fire, there are still those who walk amongst

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Best Ways to Insulate and Draft Proof the Home

Best ways to insulate and draft proof the home

It seems people are a lot more aware of where their money is going these days. When it comes to budgeting, it doesn’t hurt to look after the pennies. That’s even more so true when it comes to your energy

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8 Ways To Stop Wasting Money On Your Energy Bill

Expanding sealing tape

Energy bills are always painful but are of course a necessary evil. Although you may currently think you’re doing all you can to keep the costs to a minimum, there may further steps you can take to lower your bill

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Vitaseal Expanding Tape

Purchase this product from Dortech Direct! – Vitaseal Expanding Tape

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EPDM Membrane

Arbo EPDM Membrane, 20 Meter Roll

EPDM Membrane is a type of synthetic rubber which unlike most bituminous materials does not become brittle with age. Once installed it will require little or no maintenance and not a single drop of water will pass through the membrane.

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EPDM Adhesive Paste

EPDM rubber is used for windows installations, rubber roofing and building outdoor water features. A key part of installing EPDM is gluing seams. You cannot use any adhesive when gluing EPDM rubber; you must select glue that binds the rubber

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Top 5 Hand Held Glass Lifters

    Glass lifters are an essential tool when handling glass. We supply various different glass suckers, from hand pumped glass lifters to lever-activated suction glass lifters, enabling professional glaziers to lift and transport glass much easier and safer. Below

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What Are Window Fixing Straps?

Window fixing straps are used when an indirect fixing is required. Usually steel to ensure a secure fixing directly to the main structure, galvanized to prevent rusting. Its recommended that they are at least 2mm thick (14 SWG) and approx

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