EPDM Adhesive Paste

Arbo Epdm Membrane Adhesive

EPDM rubber is used for windows installations, rubber roofing and building outdoor water features.

A key part of installing EPDM is gluing seams. You cannot use any adhesive when gluing EPDM rubber; you must select glue that binds the rubber to itself or another surface. ARBO EPDM Paste is currently the best product on the market, offering a service life of 20 years+.

How Much EPDM Adhesive Paste will I require?

Typically one foil will be sufficient to provide one 6 linear meter seal of 10mm wide and 10mm deep. However when applying the paste and adhering the EPDM, the paste is often flattened, which can increase the linear meter-age.

Application Method for ARBO EPDM Paste:

1) The joint surfaces must be clean, dry and free from all contamination.
2) Arbo Membrane Adhesive is supplied in 600ml foil packs and can be applied using anArbo Foil Pack Gun.
3) Apply in 8 mm beads approximately 25mm apart to one substrate only.
4) Press membrane onto the Membrane Adhesive by suitable application tool (roller, tooling stick or other appropriate implement).

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