How Important Is It To Have Window Restrictors?

How important is it to have window restrictors

Windows that are left open, especially those above the ground floor can be fatal. Even more so for young, unsupervised children as well as vulnerable adults. Window restrictors are widely used in hospitals, care homes, nurseries and educational establishments to provide much needed ventilation with security.

When contemplating which window restrictor manufacturer to choose from, you can be overwhelmed by the vast choice – it can be outright confusing. Although there are many window restrictors available on the market, not all of them will have been subject to rigorous testing or meet international safety standards.

During a recent “Mystery Shopper” exercise, when ordering products advertised as Jackloc we received a different product, however on the payment receipt reference was made to Jackloc. It is crucial when ordering Jacklocs from an unknown source that you check to ensure that the items you receive are genuine Jackloc products, as it would appear there are some unscrupulous traders using Jackloc branding in their advertising to sell poor quality cable window restrictors. If in any doubt about the authenticity of an item please contact The Jackloc Company Limited for guidance.

What Reassurance Does Safety Standard Testing Bring?

Safety testing is important for all products – it is however, paramount for products intended to provide a safety feature. In order to have confidence in the reliability of a window restrictor, it must hold appropriate safety accreditations, be correctly installed and kept in good working order.

Internationally Recognised Safety Standards

BS – British Standards

EN – Norme Européenne /Europäische Norm, (European Standard)

ISO – International Organisation for Standardisation

BS, EN and ISO standards ensure that products meet appropriate standards in relevant key areas – accreditation by these bodies means that the product has been subject to scrupulous testing and met strict criteria.

Jackloc Cable Window Restrictors and Safety Testing

Jackloc window restrictors are designed in Britain and used across the world due to their outstanding performance and reliability – specifically engineered to improve safety and reduce the risk of falls from windows. They can be fitted to all types of windows including those constructed of wood, uPVC, aluminium, steel or composite construction.

Jackloc Safety Accreditations

BS EN13126-5:2011

The Jackloc window restrictor is tested to BS EN13126-5:2011

BS EN14351-1:2006

The Jackloc window restrictor is tested to BS EN14351-1:2006

Salt Spray

Salt Spray Test in accordance with ASTM.B117-07 and evaluated to BS EN 1670:2007

BS 6375:2 1987

UKAS tested to the old standard BS 6375: 2 1987 – up to 3,000 newtons

ISO 9001

Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality system, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety

Middle East

The first window restrictor to be approved by the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council


Approved by The City of New York Health and Hygiene Department – Window Guard Policy and Acceptance Board – in conjunction with Schuco USA

The Jackloc product has been a story of great success since its launch back in 2003 – the name Jackloc is synonymous with window safety right across the world. Regardless of the climate and location, providing the installation guidelines are followed correctly, Jackloc products offer peace of mind regarding window safety.

Made in Great Britain, sold worldwide.