EPDM Membrane

EPDM Membrane

Arbo EPDM Membrane, 20 Meter Roll
EPDM Membrane is a type of synthetic rubber which unlike most bituminous materials does not become brittle with age. Once installed it will require little or no maintenance and not a single drop of water will pass through the membrane.

EPDM is used for wide range of applications such as:

  • Glass-run channels,
  • Roofing,
  • Radiators,
  • Pond liners,
  • Electrical insulation,
  • Solar panel heat collectors,
  • UV protection,
  • Speaker cone surrounds.

Application Method for ARBO EPDM Membrane.

Step 1 – Cleaning Surfaces:

All surfaces must be clean, dry and in sound condition. Coarse porous surfaces may require ARBO primer and a terminator strip.

Step 2 – Applying Membrane:

The area of adhesive contact should be approximately 100 mm wide. Use a roller to improve contact between substrates and membrane to eliminate air pockets. Lap and patch corners where necessary.

Step 3 – Applying Adhesive:

Any holes or gaps in corners can be sealed with further application of Arbo EPDM Membrane Adhesive. We recommend that edges of membrane are over sealed to the substrate with Arbo Membrane Adhesive when sealing to block and brick work with adhesive.

Note – Safety and Application:

It is advisable not to apply when surfaces are below 5 degrees Centigrade especially in damp and frosty conditions.

Minimum recommended lap to window 18 mm Minimum recommended lap to substrate 100 mm (when using EPDM Membrane Adhesive).

The EPDM membrane should not be stretched or subjected to stress when applied across a void. Care should be taken not to place the adhesive bond under long term continuous strain or stress. (i.e. do not stretch the EPDM sheet between the bonded areas). Allow excess material across the void between window and substrate.

Dortech Direct currently stock a range of EPDM Membrane, available in a 0.1 – 1 meter lengths.