Fire Safety in the UK: The Importance of Fire Rated

Fire Safety in the UK: The Importance of Fire Rated

The significance of fire-rated products in the UK following the revisions to approved document B to safeguard those who reside in and work in high-rise structures. The UK has a well-established and stringent fire safety system in place.

Particularly since the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, the fire safety of such buildings has come under scrutiny. Following this tragedy, Approved Document B. which describes the fire safety requirements for buildings in the UK has undergone significant revisions. As a result, there is now greater demand for premium fire-rated goods like fire doors, glazing and fireproofing materials.

The rapid spread of fire in high-rise buildings has been linked in large part to the cladding made of aluminium composite material(ACM). ACM cladding is constructed from two thin sheets of aluminium sandwiching a highly flammable core material, typically polyethene.

If there is a fire, the polyethene could catch fire and quickly spread to other areas of the structure. The use of ACM cladding on high-rise buildings has been prohibited as a result and building owners are now in charge of making sure that all cladding used on their structures is made of an appropriate fire-resistant material.

Significance of Fire Safety

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Fire safety in high-rise buildings in the UK is now a bigger concern due to the changes made to Approved Document B. Recognizing the significance of this issue. Dortech Direct is dedicated to offering the best fire-rated products from the top manufacturers in the sector.

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