Arenti Efforts for Privacy Protection


Arenti always attaches importance to consumers’ privacy protection. Since Arenti is born, we take efforts at every aspect of the development phase, including device, app, and server. As a result, we deliver security cameras for our users.

privacy protection


Our camera is designed with an encryption process using the algorithm AES-128. All data will be encrypted, including event messages, control commands, streaming for live view, cloud storage, and local storage.

AES-128 is a high-standard and advanced security encryption algorithm, widely recognized by the industry.

For part of models, we apply private file format for local storage. That means the recording file stored an SD card can’t be played by a third-party media player.

All cameras support privacy mode. Users can configure the on/off status of the lens. At off status, no data will be transferred from the device. In the meantime, part of the models has a physical cover function, the lens will roll up undercover. This realizes absolute privacy protection.

Data Transmission

Within the complete interaction between device, server and APP, all data transmission is done via HTTPS, strengthened by SSL algorithm, including streaming, event message and control commands.

SSL is industry standard for secure communication, who can effectively secure the data transmission at network.

We also add key authentication at P2P transmission used for streaming, furtherly strength the data safety.

date transmission


We select AWS as our only cloud service partner. All service is built via AWS, no other cloud supplier as AWS is the industry’s most recognized, best cloud service provider for security and privacy protection.

For user, the most important data is account credential. At the server, the account credential is encrypted with AES-128.

We deploy AWS server globally. Three servers are separately located at US, Germany and China, in service of global regions. Each region’s data will be only stored at corresponding server.

amazon cloud serve


Two-step verification is used for APP login. When user modifies account credential or remote login happens, the verification code will be sent for two-step verification.

Meanwhile, APP collects mobile data strictly satisfying international general legal requirements.

arenti app