#Get to Know your Customers Day

#Get to Know your Customers Day

Today is #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay so we’ve asked one of our customers Terry Williams from Alliance Design Services to answer a few questions. 

Alliance Design Services

1. Tell me a Bit About your Company.

We manufacture and install aluminium curtain walling, windows and doors

2. Where is your Company Based?

We are based in Bristol

3. What Makes your Company Unique?

The service we offer our company and a drive to also be one step ahead of their requirements

4. Can you Tell me More About the Day-to-Day Responsibilities of your Job?

I am part owner and on a daily basis i am responsible for the installation side of the company

5. What’s The Biggest Challenge the Company has Faced?

Me being absent for 8 months through ill health

6. What do you Order The Most With Dortech Direct?


7. Why do you Enjoy Ordering With Dortech Direct?

Because the products are always available when i want them

8. Which One Word Summarises How you Expect 2019 to Pan Out?


Get to Know your Customers Day