COX™ Dispensers

COX™ Dispensers

COX offers a comprehensive range of high-quality COX guns and applicators, designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals in various industries. With their innovative designs and superior performance, COX guns provide reliable and efficient dispensing solutions for caulking, sealants, adhesives, and more. Whether you require pneumatic or manual guns, sausage or cartridge guns, COX has you covered. Their construction tools and industrial dispensing equipment are built to last, ensuring long-term durability and productivity. COX Dispensers offers a wide selection of sealant and adhesive accessories, including dispensing nozzles, cartridges, plungers, and other essential components. Trust COX for dependable, top-of-the-line dispensing solutions for all your application needs. 

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  1. COX ElectraFlow Plus Combi Electric 18V Cartridge Gun (600ml) (Bare Tool) | M9008

    COX ElectraFlow Plus Combi Electric 18V Cartridge Gun (600ml)

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Versatile and Durable COX Caulking and Sealant Guns

Cox offers an extensive array of manual and battery-powered dispensers and applicators designed to meet diverse caulking and sealing needs. The manual dispensers include the MPD series, ranging from the MPD 32 with a 16:1 mechanical advantage ratio to the EasiFlow HD Lite with a 7:1 ratio, catering to various cartridge sizes and thrust capacities. The PowerFlow line presents options like the PowerFlow Cartridge 310 and PowerFlow Bulk, featuring higher thrust capacities and mechanical advantage ratios suitable for bulk applications. For 2-component caulking, the CBM and CCM series provide manual options with different thrust capacities and mechanical advantage ratios. On the other hand, the battery-powered ElectraFlow Plus series offers efficient dispensing solutions, including the ElectraFlow Plus with an 18V voltage system and various cartridge sizes, and the ElectraFlow Dual Ultra series for 1:1 and 2-component applications, providing high thrust capacities for demanding tasks. Additionally, integrated ecopaCC dispensers are available, combining convenience with efficient dispensing capabilities for both manual and battery-powered operations. Cox's range ensures versatility and reliability for caulking and sealing tasks across different industries and applications.

Enhance Your Sealing Efficiency with Cox's Versatile Dispensers and Applicators

Cox's lineup of dispensers and applicators represents a commitment to versatility, durability, and efficiency across a broad spectrum of caulking and sealing applications. The manual dispensers, such as the MPD and EasiFlow series, embody precision engineering to ensure consistent and effortless dispensing of various caulking materials. With options like the PowerFlow series, professionals can tackle larger projects with ease, thanks to higher thrust capacities and mechanical advantage ratios tailored for bulk dispensing.

For more complex sealing needs, Cox offers a comprehensive range of 2-component manual caulking guns. The CBM and CCM series stand out for their robust construction and ergonomic design, allowing users to apply two-component sealants with precision and control. These guns are available in a variety of configurations to accommodate different cartridge sizes and formulations, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of sealant products.

Cox's ElectraFlow Plus series sets the standard for efficiency and convenience. Equipped with high-performance motors and advanced battery technology, these dispensers deliver consistent bead profiles and minimize fatigue during extended use. Whether it's the ElectraFlow Plus for standard applications or the ElectraFlow Dual Ultra for demanding tasks, users can count on Cox's battery-powered solutions to streamline their caulking and sealing workflows.

Moreover, Cox's integrated ecopaCC dispensers represent the pinnacle of innovation in dispensing technology. Designed for both manual and battery-powered operation, these integrated systems offer seamless compatibility with Cox's diverse range of cartridges, ensuring hassle-free dispensing in any setting. From small-scale residential projects to large-scale commercial applications, Cox's dispensers and applicators empower professionals to achieve optimal results with efficiency and confidence, making them indispensable tools in the construction and maintenance industries.