Siderise is a leading company that specializes in developing passive fire protection solutions for the construction, facades, and interiors sectors. With over two decades of experience in the UK and Irish markets, Siderise has developed an extensive range of fire-stopping products and systems that comply with the latest national building regulations. The company's products are ideal for applications such as ceilings and floor & wall compartmentation.

Siderise's products have been designed to meet the high-performance standards expected by architects and specifiers, while also meeting the practical installation needs and budgetary requirements of contractors. The company's fire-safe insulation products deliver exceptional fire performance and have a unique construction that allows for superior movement performance.

Siderise's fire protection solutions are certified by 'Certifire' and are the simplest and quickest to install, making them a cost-effective choice for any project. The company is committed to providing customers with robust design solutions that comply with good practice and ensure maximum safety. Choose Siderise for your passive fire protection needs and benefit from their extensive expertise and experience

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  1. Siderise RFT120 Aluminium Jointing Tape (120mm x 45m)

    Siderise RFT120 Aluminium Jointing Tape (120mm x 45m)

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  2. Siderise Fire and Acoustic Cavity Barriers - Price on Application

    Siderise Fire and Acoustic Cavity Barriers - Price on Application

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Siderise Innovative Solutions for Acoustic and Fire Protection

Siderise provides a comprehensive range of ancillary products designed to complement their cavity barrier and fire stop systems. These ancillaries undergo rigorous testing alongside Siderise's core products, ensuring compatibility and enhancing overall system performance. Tested according to standards such as EN 1364-3 & 1364-4, EN 1366-4, prEN 1364-6, and BS 476-20, these ancillaries play a crucial role in improving installation effectiveness.

Included in Siderise's ancillary lineup are galvanized (G) and stainless steel (S) fixing brackets, essential for securely installing their fire protection systems. Additionally, the aluminum jointing tape (RFT120) facilitates seamless joints between components, ensuring airtight and fire-resistant seals. For filling gaps and voids, Siderise offers a specialized fire and acoustic gap sealant, further enhancing the integrity of the fire barrier system.

It's important to note that individual fire barrier instructions should always be followed to ensure proper installation and compliance with regulatory requirements. Siderise recommends consulting their resources for specific guidance on selecting the appropriate fixing brackets, aluminium jointing tape, and fire and acoustic gap sealant tailored to the application's needs. By offering these high-quality ancillary products, Siderise reinforces its commitment to providing comprehensive fire protection solutions for a wide range of construction projects.

With 50 years of expertise in providing acoustic, fire, and thermal insulation solutions for building facades, Siderise stands as an industry leader in passive fire protection systems. Our products are not only third-party certified but also pioneers in the field. For instance, our curtain walling firestop was the first internationally marketed solution of its kind, while our reactive solution for ventilated facades set the precedent in Europe.

Drawing from extensive experience in architectural acoustics, Siderise offers complete solutions that seamlessly integrate insulation with fire and noise control, ensuring both safety and comfort in building environments. Our technical team possesses not only the necessary expertise to provide sound advice on acoustic and fire safety matters but also hands-on knowledge of installation techniques.