Our beautiful channel glazed systems are available in either a top-down mounted design or a side-mounted design. The easily assembled sleek profiles are available in 60mm wide and 122mm high profiles for the top-mounted option, or 61.5mm wide and 135mm high for the top-mounted option.

Both options come with predrilled holes every 200mm to facilitate a easy installation and are available in either 2.5 meters, or 5meters lengths depending on your requirements.

Both the top-down glazed balustrade and side-mounted balustrade are dry glazed systems, meaning less mess and faster installation. Our aluminium channel balustrading system utilises two main gaskets; a captive shaped gasket that is fixed in position on one side and a wedge gasket on the opposite side of the channel.

Glass to metal contact must be avoided to reduce the chance of glass breakage, with the introduction of a flexible plastic wedge that the glass sits on and a special plastic block installed to the facing side. These are used to correct the angle of the glass and ensure it’s position is held in place. This unique twin wedge system is incredibly easy to adjust and allows easy glass alignment ( + / - 3 degrees).

Our channel balustrade system provides a perfect solution for perimeter balustrades, stairs, windbreaks and can be used either internally, or externally.

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