Sikaflex® is recognized as the worldwide leading adhesive and sealant brand when it comes to one-component polyurethane and silane-terminated polymer technologies. Within the industry, we offer products and solutions for various applications such as glass bonding, sealing, adhesive bonding, bedding, and caulking. Sikaflex® is widely used and appreciated due to its capability to adapt mechanical properties to application requirements.

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  1. Sikaflex 221 General Purpose Adhesive

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  2. Sikaflex 228 Self Levelling Adhesive - Grey White (600ml - OCTOBER 2023 EXPIRY)
  3. Sikaflex 521 UV Adhesive

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  4. Sikaflex 212 Thixotropic FC

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  5. Sikaflex 522 Caravan Sealant - White (300ml)

    Sikaflex 522 Caravan Sealant - White (300ml)

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The Leading Brand For Sealants and Adhesives - SIKAFLEX®

Introducing SikaFlex Products, setting a new standard in construction joint sealing. SikaFlex revolutionises the market with Purform®, a cutting-edge polyurethane technology offering sustainability and high performance. Developed by Sika chemists to meet future environmental regulations, Purform ensures clean, durable, and reliable sealing solutions while complying with EU REACH and UK REACH standards.

Embark on a transformative journey in construction joint sealing with SikaFlex Products, a game-changer in the industry landscape. At the forefront of innovation stands Purform®, an avant-garde polyurethane technology meticulously engineered by Sika's expert chemists. Purform® represents a paradigm shift, offering a sustainable and high-performance alternative to traditional polyurethane sealants, characterised by its cleanliness, durability, and reliability. What sets Purform® apart is its compliance with EU REACH and UK REACH standards, alleviating the need for specialised training in future applications. Beyond regulatory compliance, Purform® technology ensures users benefit from the unique performance attributes of polyurethane while minimising exposure risks and enhancing workplace safety.

The pioneering spirit of Purform® finds its expression in Sikaflex Pro-3 sealant and Sikaflex 11FC sealant and adhesive, the first products in the UK to harness the transformative power of ultra-low VOC and low monomer content. These sealants epitomise excellence, boasting exceptional properties such as high movement capability, fast mechanical property development, and unrivaled mechanical resistance. Whether it's Sikaflex Construction+ for concrete and masonry facades, Sikaflex PRO-3 SL for flooring applications, or Sikaflex Tank N for joints exposed to chemicals, the SikaFlex range offers a comprehensive solution for diverse construction challenges.

SikaFlex Products redefine the standards of joint sealing, offering not just products but solutions that empower professionals to achieve unparalleled results. The versatility and reliability of our sealants make them indispensable across a myriad of applications, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. With SikaFlex, you're not just sealing joints; you're future-proofing your projects, safeguarding against environmental regulations, and elevating safety standards.

But our commitment doesn't end with product excellence. At SikaFlex, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction and support. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive technical guidance and assistance, ensuring seamless implementation and maximum efficacy of our products. Moreover, we uphold stringent quality standards, subjecting all our products to rigorous testing to guarantee reliability and consistency.

Join us in revolutionising the construction industry with SikaFlex Products and Purform® technology. Experience the unmatched performance and reliability that have made us a trusted partner for professionals worldwide. Contact us today to learn more about this groundbreaking innovation and discover how SikaFlex can transform your projects from ordinary to extraordinary.